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Pura Vida

Photography, book design

Pura Vida documents her trip to the Costa Rican rainforest. It was an educational trip where she learned about culture and ecology. It was made as a personal keepsake and also an educational tool. I wanted to educate the reader about some of the basic geography of Costa Rica as well as include a table of contents so they can easily find a section that they may want to review again. Each section is a two page spread that covers a specific theme that gives details about my experience and things I found interesting. The idea is to really capture my experience there in not just images but also with fun facts and anecdotes. Most spreads have backgrounds with an image in them; I chose to do this to give the reader a sense of the setting of the place, while also showing the details. I encourage readers to take time to look at each page to see the different details. Also, on the last page of the book, I included a vocabulary page, to define for Costa Rica specific words, I learned on the trip. While the language spoken is Spanish, there are a few words and phrases that have specific meaning there, that page can be seen in the sixth photo below.

This book was made with Adobe InDesign on a PC and printed with Blurb.

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