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Web Design


Costa Rica

Maya's Secret cake

August Row

August Row

Alaire Skincare

Voyage magazine

The fruits

My main website


August Row

Web Design

Things I've Done

Ad design

Book design

Brand identity

E-commerce design

E-mail design


Journal design

Label design

Lookbook design

Package design

Pattern design (learning)

Print design

Product design

Sales page

Social media design

Stationary design

UX design

Website design (this website) - A lifestyle blog

Organize it with these:

Files, Text, Embed, Lightroom Photos, Photo grid

Stack them on top of each other

Create a title of the project

Brief Written description

Main image

Photos, video, PDF or what was done - THE PROCESS

  • Screen captures

  • Close-ups

  • Showing your Vectornator design in outline mode

  • Sharing a time lapse video

Project Basics

  • Choose 3 topics that best describe the project (i.e. illustration, graphic design, and digital art)

  • Name the tools I used (i.e. MacBook Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign)

  • List any collaborators


Add the text from the 'Books' page to this page once I organize this one.

My Completed Projects:

Files, Text, Embed, Lightroom Photos, Photo grid

  • My main website

  • Lilac Suitcase

  • Italy Book

  • Costa Rica Book

  • Maya's Secret Cake

  • August Row lookbook

  • August Row website

  • Alaire Skincare labels

  • My illustrations - Voyage magazine cover

New Projects:

Files, Text, Embed, Lightroom Photos, Photo grid

  • Alaire Skincare (AS) website

  • AS ads (billboard, email, video, magazine)

  • AS stationery, biz cards

  • AS Social media feed (instagram, YT) - see if I can find a YT page mockup

  • Cookbook

  • Restaurant or cafe menu

  • Posters with the same framework

  • powerpoint presentation

  • videos

  • website or poster for a theater

  • infographics

  • wedding invitations


Heather Shaw - the organization

Chris Tammar - the web page display & infographic

Ling K - organized by the type of work

Nishi Sethi - the simple organization

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