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Changes Coming

Hello there, long time no see. I haven't been updating here for some time now and I wanted to share some updates to the content here. I will be making some changes to my website and how I do things. In the last year and a half, I started many endeavors for this website, like this blog, a Youtube channel, and social media pages and I am writing to let you know that I will be downsizing on the amount of content I will be producing and moving some things around. It was a lot and I have been focus more on making art and less on content creation for social media. I like it so far.

So, there are 4 changes happening. I've listed them below.

Change 1 - My Store

I will be moving my shop to Etsy. There are already some new items there but I plan on adding the items that were in this shop to there in the next coming weeks. Here is the link.

Change 2 - Instagram

I will primarily posting to Instagram and will no longer be updating @kimberlyfergusonart on Instagram. All my posts will be on my personal instagram @Kim_alaire. It is too much to manage more than one account for me at this time.

Change 3 - Other Social Media

I have not posted to my Youtube channel in months and I am not sure when I will again, but I am still open to the possibility. Pinterest or Twitter are not a priority at all unless I find how they can be useful for me. As for Facebook, I will keep it and connect it to my personal Instagram. I am curious about Facebook live and developing community over there.

Change 4 - The Blog

I may still post to this blog, but not on a rigid schedule. I will leave all the content up but I just wanted to update you all on what's happening moving forward.

This what I'm doing now and I like it. More ease, more peace of mind. It feels a bit unconventional considering, everyone says you need a lot of these things to be a successful artist these days but, I'm kind of at a point where I don't really care about being a success right now. I'm just enjoying the process and trying to make it feel like as little work as possible. It feels great.

a woman relaxing on the beach with a book
Basically, how I'm trying to be the rest of 2023


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