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Fashion as Art: Issey Miyake

So I haven’t shared this publicly but, I am a lover of creative fashion. I just love when designers create what is essentially wearable art in a beautiful and elegant way. Issey Miyake is a designer whose work I have recently came across that I am absolutely entranced by. He plays with texture and form in a really beautiful way, and many of the pieces are quite sculptural. So I wanted to share with you all some examples of this beautiful work and a bit about who he was as a person.

I absolutely love the fine pleating that is found in many of his designs, it really adds movement and kind of gives the garment a life of its own.

Can you imagine this bouncing down the runway?

Isn’t it amazing?! I feel like this connects to my post about Eva Hesse (link it) with the concept of Process Art. Mikaye has pushed the boundaries of what can be done with pleating and a fabric and I think the results are outstanding.

Issey Miyake was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1938 and studied graphic design and fashion in Tokyo. He eventually moved to New York City where he met artists and worked for Geoffrey Beene, a famous fashion designer at the time. He returned to Japan and started his design studio. Miyake led the fashion house for over forty years up until 2012. Over his illustrious career he designed iconic looks for international artist like Grace Jones, innovative architect Zaha Hadid, and even Steve Job’s famous black sweater. Miyake died in August 2022 leaving behind an incredible legacy of work and ingenuity - a true gift to the fashion world.

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