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Glorious Gardens: US Botanic Garden

This summer I went to Washington D.C. for a short vacation with family. I had a great time there. Once there I realized how D.C. is great destination for architecture and public art. Now it might seem obvious, but for me when I thought about D.C. I think about government and politics, but now seeing it once again this time as an adult I see that the city has some stunning architecture, sculpture and interiors. In this article, I’ll be focusing on the United States Botanic Garden.

We went here with expectations that is would small and possibly lackluster but it was actually really beautiful, educational, and definitely worth a visit in my opinion.

Mediterranean themed greenhouse in the US Botanic Garden conservatory
This is the Mediterranean climate in one of the rooms in the conservatory. Photo by Kimberly Ferguson

The conservatory was quite large with several different climate settings from pretty much all over the world. The climates included tropical, deserts, the flora of Hawaii, plants from the Jurassic period, and even medicinal plants. All very interesting. The US Botanic Garden also had exhibitions about food and our environmental footprint.

Kimberly Ferguson in front of a fountain in the botanic garden and the US Capitol
Me in front of a fountain in the botanic garden and the US Capitol in the back.

In addition to the conservatory, there were outdoor spaces as well. There is a beautiful fountain surrounded by flowers pictured above and also an art installation made of branches and twigs.

Sculpture on the grounds of the United States Botanic Gardens
Sculpture on the grounds of the United States Botanic Gardens. Photo by Kimberly Ferguson.

Interior of the main atrium of the conservatory of US Botanic Garden
Interior of the main atrium of the conservatory. Photo by Kimberly Ferguson.

The conservatory was huge! I mentioned that we didn’t have high expectations and we kind of just went on a whim- that was because on the map of the National Mall (this is a part of it) it looked small, but it is not. The National Mall and everything in it is much larger that they appear. Plus it was quite hot so walking around made things feel evens further a part.

Fountain in the conservatory with balloon-shaped water features
A beautiful fountain in the conservatory with balloon-like water features. Photo by Kimberly Ferguson.

Isn’t this fountain beautiful, I wanted to touch the balloon-like spouts it poured out like a smooth sheet. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who wanted to touch it, the kid in the top right did.

Small pineapples growing in the US Botanic Garden
Pineapples! I had no idea they grew like this! Photo by Kimberly Ferguson.

Overall, I’d say if you like gardens and beautiful plants, it is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Washington D.C. There’s a lot to see and if you are there in the summer it is a great place to escape the sweltering heat.

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