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August Row



This lookbook was created for August Row, a hypothetical fashion line that specializes in women's wear and bridal gowns. The overall theme of the brand was Art Deco yet modern with influences from dance. The lookbook includes a page spread about the founders and the inspiration. Then the following pages follow have the name of the dress in stylized fashion and an image of the dress on a model. It also includes a page spread of the dresses with details like price and materials. 

The Process

To get started I gathered images and material that best suited the theme with a mood board (last image) and then I studied the images and found the recurring elements like angular frames and symmetry and two to three colors. After that, I sourced images and created the layouts. The general layout was dress on the right page and name on the left. I designed the frames with inspiration from Art Deco magazines, book covers, and architecture, and sculpture. This project with created with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop with Mac OS.

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