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Art Exhibition Review: Sensory Poetics

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

4 colorful abstract paintings hanging from ceiling
Untitled by Vivian Suter. Photo by Kimberly Ferguson

I saw this exhibition on a trip to the Guggenheim Museum. I was actually intending to go to the Met but it was actually closed! So instead of going home, I decided to see what was going on at the Guggenheim which is pretty close by and was glad I did. They were installing a couple of new exhibitions so it was discounted which was nice. Anyway, I saw the permanent collection, seems to be mostly Impressionism, which is always nice and some newer more contemporary pieces. The piece above was my favorite. It is by Vivian Suter. I loved it because it reminded me of some of the work I made in college on unmounted canvas and some of my most recent work. My favorite panel is the purple and green one on the right, although I’m looking at the brown and green one and it is also very interesting. I love how the artist and many of the other artists in this exhibition (Sensory Poetics: Collecting Abstraction) made art that was not simply about representing something but also an exploration of the materials as art itself.

fabric wrapped wire sculpture on a wall
Untitled, 2009 by Sonia Gomes. Photo by Kimberly Ferguson

Seeing work like this makes me really appreciate the different directions an artist can take the same materials. I’ll share another example here by Sonia Gomes. This artist used various pieces of fabric wrapped around metal. I felt like this was a beautiful intermingling between form as art and materials as art. Overall loved it and I want to see more of these artists work.

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